On-Demand Webinar: Targeting Autophagy with Botanical Medicine for Preventing Disease and Promoting Longevity

    By | January 31st, 2020 |

    This webinar explores the known pathways associated with enhancing autophagic flux, and how to influence them with botanical medicine, caloric restriction, exercise, and additional therapies. Our discussion focuses on strategies for regulating mTOR to enhance autophagic […]

      Research Review Paper: Botanicals and Medicinal Mushrooms that Modulate Healthy Immune Response

      By | November 25th, 2019 |

      Decades of research support traditional knowledge that regular consumption of medicinal mushrooms enhances human health. These health benefits are attributed to their abundant bioactive constituents.3,5* Mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides (particularly beta-glucans), polysaccharide peptides, terpenes, phenols, […]

        Webinar: Applications of Medicinal Mushrooms in Clinical Practice

        By | November 25th, 2019 |

        Modern scientific research has begun to unveil the power of medicinal mushrooms. Based on a host of recent research into their molecular makeup, and how they affect immune system function, it is generally agreed upon that […]

          On-Demand Webinar: Hormone Deficiency and Endocrine Disruption

          By | July 18th, 2019 |

          The botanical medicine toolbox is rich with compounds that enhance hormone activity by working with the body in 4 key areas: activation of hormonal receptor networks, enhancement of hormone efficiency, improvement of hormone production, and regulation […]