Donald R. Yance – CN, RH (AHG) – Natura Founder & Formulator, Founder & Lead Clinician Mederi Centre for Natural Healing

Donald “Donnie” R. Yance is a Clinical Master Herbalist and Certified Nutritionist renowned for his extraordinary knowledge and deep understanding of the healing properties of plants and nutrition, as well as epigenetics, laboratory medicine, oncologic pathology, and molecular oncology. He is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild and the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Donnie conducts his clinical practice at Mederi Center in Ashland, OR utilizing his unique integrative model known as the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS) or “Mederi Care,” which he evolved over more than thirty years of successful client care. The Mederi Care model combines the latest scientific research with the wisdom of ancient healing traditions, resulting in a compassionate, creative, intelligent, and effective approach to healing. As a visionary leader, mentor, teacher, author, and healer, Donnie’s methodology has transformed thousands of lives and is carried out through the mission and programs of the Mederi Foundation. Donnie has written dozens of articles that have appeared in major industry publications and national journals. His latest book is Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism (Healing Arts Press, 2013).

Donnie founded Natura Health Products so that he could create products that would improve the quality of life and longevity of his patients, as well as provide practitioners worldwide with the highest quality botanical and nutritional formulations. Many of the formulas in Natura’s product line reflect clinical principles of Donnie’s Mederi Care model.


Jason Miller – DACM, LAc – Natura Medical Educator

Advanced Clinical Applications and Protocol Development

As Natura’s Medical Educator, Jason Miller brings extensive education, training, and clinical experience to his consultations with our practitioner customers. Drawing on over ten years of clinical practice focusing on the management of chronic disease and cancer, Jason has developed an integrative approach that bridges the time honored theory and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern biomedical therapies and diagnostic tools. As an integrative practitioner, he is able to offer our professional customers a holistic perspective on the conditions their patients face.

Jason received his master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR in 2005. He completed his post-graduate internship in Nanjing, China at Nanjing’s, “House of Celebrity Doctors.” Jason is formally trained in Asian Bodywork therapy and attained certification as an Applied Kinesiologist through the International College of Applied Kinesiology in 2005. In his Ashland based clinic, Jade Mountain Medicine, he specializes in the management of patients with pain, cancer, diabetes, and neuromuscular disorders.

In addition to serving as Natura’s Medical Educator, Jason has worked at Donnie Yance’s Mederi Centre for Natural Healing consulting with patients and their doctors to develop integrative protocols and facilitating weekly round table discussions for a large group of practitioners participating in collaborative care for their patients. Jason also served as the medical consultant and technical writer for Natura Health Products from 2006 to 2011 and was a core faculty member for Mederi’s clinical training program for health care professionals from 2008 to 2012.

Jason lectures around the United States on botanical medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the modern clinic, and on specific topics related to chronic disease. He has also been featured on several radio programs and writes for several publications.

Jason is available by appointment for practitioner customers of Natura Health Products. Complementary consultations are provided with Jason to discuss:

  • advanced application of Natura products for use in a clinical setting 
  • fundamentals of protocol building
  • companion formulas for comprehensive support



Suzanne E. Sky, L.Ac., MTOM, Educational Medical Writer

Educational Writer

Suzanne has worked with herbs, nutrition, and healing modalities for over forty years, learning from many teachers and mentors along the way. She studied Chinese medicine primarily with Taoist master Dr. Lily Siou in Hawai’i. After graduating with a Masters degree from Dr. Siou’s Tai Hsuan Foundation in 1989, Suzanne opened a clinic and herb business on the Big Island of Hawai’i. She later received a second Masters degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine, graduating magna cum laude from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. Suzanne practiced at her clinic in North County, San Diego for seven years, specializing in women’s health and chronic illness.

While in Hawai’i and Southern California, Suzanne researched, co-authored, and self-published Acidophilus & Colon Health, a “basic best-seller” booklet in health food stores for 17 years. She later led a team to self-publish an expanded version (Achieve Maximum Health: Colon Flora, The Missing Link in Immunity, Health & Longevity, 1995) and also wrote a revised version for Kensington Publishing. Suzanne has written self-published books on herbal remedies and many articles based on her studies, research, and experience.

Suzanne worked as Clinical Associate with Natura’s Founder/Formulator Donald Yance from 1999 to 2004, specializing in complementary cancer care, at the Centre for Natural Healing in Ashland, Oregon and taught at several of Donnie’s first clinical training programs. Suzanne also worked as consultant and substantive editor to organize the manuscript of Donnie’s book Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism (Healing Arts Press, 2013).

Since 2004, Suzanne has practiced at her own clinic, Ashland Acupuncture, integrating herbal, nutritional, and Chinese medicine. Her specialties include women’s health, adrenal and chronic fatigue, mental/emotional issues, healthy aging, and pain/injury. While acupuncture is her primary treatment modality, she has been a practitioner of the ancient Japanese healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu since 1980. Suzanne has taught classes including Chinese medicine, dietary/nutritional health, Qi Gong, and Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help.

Since 2014, Suzanne has worked with Natura Health Products as a freelance Educational Medical Writer. She writes Natura’s Product Sheets and product Tech Sheets, along with thematic Informational Papers and White Papers, working to integrate the time-proven wisdom of traditional medicines with modern research on botanicals, nutrition, and health.