Formulation Philosophy

At the simplest level, using a variety of complimentary herbs and nutrients nourishes the body in much the same way as eating a balanced diet creates better health.” – Donald Yance


Single Herbs Versus Herbal Formulations

In most herbal traditions, herbs are combined together for synergistic effects, similar to how a group of people with varying skills and abilities working together accomplish much more than one person working alone. Chinese and Ayurvedic traditional medical systems commonly utilize complex formulas with many herbs combined together for optimal results. These formulas are carefully designed to facilitate and engage a multi-systems response to promote healing. This concept of using multiple herbs and natural compounds to form a synergistic formula underpins the philosophy of herbal medicine, which seeks to address the root cause of conditions and offer restorative modalities.

Combination Formulas Offer Enhanced Effectiveness

Modern clinicians use botanicals, nutrients and natural compounds in various combinations for optimal benefits. Since most people present with complex issues, herbs are combined that work in concert to support multiple systems. Combination formulas offer enhanced effectiveness especially for the variety of complex issues that clinicians are faced with today. By utilizing several combination formulas together, a skilled clinician can provide an array of beneficial botanical and nutrional compounds that work in concert to support the healing path of their clients without side effects.