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    Webinar: The Integral Immune System, Modulating Immune System Function with Botanical Medicine

    By | May 21st, 2020 |

    In this webinar, we look deeper into the role of the immune system as an Integral network that is tied directly to the health of our patients, and how to support immune function by favorably altering […]

      Webinar: An Ecological Perspective on Metabolic Syndrome and Its Role in Health and Disease

      By | April 23rd, 2020 |

      Metabolic syndrome consists of a group of interwoven ecological changes that manifest in the body as hypertension, insulin resistance, abnormal cholesterol, and an increased risk for thrombosis. With the advent of the agricultural revolution and the […]

        On-Demand Webinar: Addressing Nutrient Deficiencies: The Most Important Nutrients and How to Deliver Them

        By | March 26th, 2020 |

        Unfortunately, most of our patients are not getting enough nutrition in their daily lives to sufficiently support optimal health. Supplying patients with proper nutrition involves choosing the right nutrients and using the most bioavailable and bioactive […]

          On Demand Webinar: Exploring Medicinal Mushrooms with Jeff Chilton

          By | October 31st, 2019 |

          This webinar features special guest Jeff Chilton, president and founder of Nammex. In this illuminating conversation on medicinal mushrooms, we deepen our understanding of mushroom science and medicine. After thousands of years of documented use and […]

            Webinar: Men’s Health and Anabolic Reserve, Botanical and Nutritional Medicine for Enhancing the Protective Effects of Androgens on Men’s Health

            By | September 6th, 2019 |

              The two greatest health risks that most men will face in their lifetime are cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer. Interestingly, both conditions are characterized by many of the same etiological and pathological factors. This on-demand […]