Chronic infections are often the hidden culprits behind many chronic diseases and have a pervasive impact on health. This month on Natura EDU, we dive deep into this intricate world with Dr. Chris Chlebowski, ND, DC, as he and our host Jason Miller, DACM, LAc discuss the strategies and approaches to tackle infections. The second installment of our 4-part Hidden Triggers webinar series offers a valuable blend of in-depth theoretical insights and practical clinical solutions as we uncover the most common infectious agents associated with chronic diseases and offer insights into their detection, evaluation, and management.

In this webinar, we:

  • Explore the broad spectrum of therapeutic approaches available to healthcare practitioners, – including botanical and nutritional medicine, general guidelines and lifestyle additions, and more – for a comprehensive approach to patient-centered care.
  • Delve into the potential benefits of pharmaceutical interventions, how they can work synergistically when combined with other therapeutic modalities, and their potential associated side effects..
  • Examine the intricate relationship between chronic infections and other three causes of chronic disease discussed in this series – environmental toxins, nutrient deficiency, and stress – to better understand the importance of a comprehensive, multi-toolbox approach.

Going beyond conventional treatment paradigms, this webinar encourages a deep, integrative understanding of various medical systems, cautioning against quick fixes or suppressive therapies that offer only temporary relief. Instead, it advocates for practicing slow medicine – taking time to thoroughly investigate, understand, and treat the underlying causes of chronic infections. Watch now to enhance your practice with a mix of theoretical insights and actionable, patient-focused techniques that encourage optimal health, vibrancy, and vitality.

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In, “Unlocking the Four Hidden Triggers of Chronic Disease – Unveiling Environmental Culprits Beyond the Usual Suspects,” Dr. Miller, DACM, LAc, addressed chronic stress as a driver and key component of chronic disease – elucidating how it diminishes our adaptive capacity, leaving us more susceptible to environmental factors. He introduced the ecological impact modern culture and lifestyle has on our health and discussed how it’s the complex interplay of multiple, less overt factors that ultimately contribute to the breakdown of body systems.

In, “Applications of Medicinal Mushrooms in Clinical Practice,” we focused on the individual properties and therapeutic actions of several of the most potent medicinal mushrooms. We  overlaid traditional concepts on modern scientific research to deepen our understanding of how to apply these agents in clinical practice and how to effectively combine them with other botanical medicines.

In “The Integral Immune System, Modulating Immune System Function with Botanical Medicine,” we looked deeper into the role of the immune system as an integral network  and how to support immune function by favorably altering the biological terrain. Although we characterize the immune system as a discrete network, our physiology is a seamless overlay of structures and functions that are intimately interconnected.The fundamental approach must be to strengthen the patient. By correcting endocrine imbalances, the immune system can function at a higher level.

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About Dr. Chris Chlebowski, ND, DC

Dr. Chris Chlebowski is a naturopath, chiropractor, herbalist, and homeopath with a medical practice in southern Oregon. At the clinic, Dr. Chlebowski and his staff use cutting-edge technology blended with traditional therapies, with particular specialty in the treatment of chronic Lyme disease, mold illness, cancer, neurological disorders, and – most commonly – “mystery” diseases that other doctors have been unable to diagnose.

Dr. Chlebowski lectures regularly on holism and the root causes of illness, and his articles have appeared in Naturopathic Doctor News and Review and the Townsend Letter.  His book, The “Virus and The Host”, hit bookstore shelves earlier this year.

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Natura EDU is an educational platform designed to provide practitioners with the most current research on botanical and nutritional medicine to help them achieve optimal health and well-being for all patients and clients.

Our in-depth monthly webinar series is hosted by our Medical Educator, Dr. Jason Miller, DACM, LAc, a certified Mederi Care practitioner, who brings over 15 years of experience using botanical and nutritional medicine in the clinical setting.

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Note: This webinar is intended for healthcare practitioners.