This webinar features special guest Jeff Chilton, president and founder of Nammex. In this illuminating conversation on medicinal mushrooms, we deepen our understanding of mushroom science and medicine.

After thousands of years of documented use and empirical data gathering, medicinal mushrooms have become a highly sought-after and extensively researched component of the natural medicine toolbox. Of key importance in the application of medicinal mushrooms in medical practice is understanding the different ways in which these mushrooms are cultivated, prepared, and extracted. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine describes very specific methods for preparing medicinal mushrooms. These ancient practices are still used today to prepare mushroom extracts for modern research studying their effects on human physiology, notably their profound effect on immune system function.

This month, we will be interviewing Jeff Chilton, president and founder of NAMMEX (North American Medicinal Mushroom Extracts). Since beginning his ethno-mycology studies at the University of Washington in the 1960s, Jeff has been a pioneer in the field of medicinal mushroom cultivation, preparation, extraction, and analytical testing. The goal of this interview is to deepen our understanding of medicinal mushroom science and medicine, and to hear from an expert about what we know and where we’re headed.

We will dig into the dirt on mushroom science with Jeff to uncover some of the important developments in the field of medicinal mushrooms:

  • Traditional preparation methods and why they’re important
  • The difference between mycelium and fruiting body as sources of medicinal compounds, and the important distinction between their major constituents
  • The lack of standardized analytical testing in the medicinal mushroom market to accurately identify the potency of final products
  • A new fingerprinting model for potency testing
  • The importance of growing mushrooms on their natural substrates
  • Mushroom extract potency and purity
  • Modern research into the effects of medicinal mushroom extracts on human physiology
  • Demystifying “immune stimulation”
  • The traditional use of medicinal mushrooms in medical practice
  • Does taking medicinal mushrooms promote fungal growth in my body?

We are thrilled to have Jeff joining us on the NaturaEDU forum platform!

Note: This webinar is intended for healthcare practitioners.