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Webinar: Facing the Disease of our Time: Fortifying Cellular and Genetic Integrity with Botanical and Nutritional Medicine

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Cancer is the disease of our time, and despite all of our efforts to understand it and treat it, the global incidence of cancer continues to climb.1 Cancer is an ecological disease. An excerpt [...]

Webinar: The Pandemic of Cognitive Decline – The Role of Anxiety, the Gut-Brain Axis, and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Cognitive Impairment

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Life expectancy has increased from 45 years in the early 1800s to 80 years or more in most European countries and among other nations, including Japan, Canada, and Australia.  A recent population-based study in [...]

Webinar: Intro to Mederi Care, Part 3 – Guided Application of Botanical Medicine Therapeutics for Complex Cases

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In Part 3 of Introducing Mederi Care: Guided Application of Botanical Medicine Therapeutics for Complex Cases, we use several examples to illustrate how a holistic, multi-layered approach to case analysis guides the application of [...]

Webinar: Intro to Mederi Care, Part 2: Strategies for Success In Integrative Care – Complex Case Analysis

By |March 24th, 2022|

Complex cases can present with a wide range of medical diagnoses. Often, the cases we encounter are multifaceted, involving multiple systems and several diagnoses. A host of medical conditions shape the landscape of complex [...]

Webinar: Introduction to Mederi Care, A Whole-Systems Approach To Patient Care

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  Mederi Care® is an evidence-informed, patient-centered methodology, developed by Natura and Mederi founder Donnie Yance. Mederi Care® applies a whole-systems approach to patient care, with a strong emphasis on botanical and nutritional medicine. [...]

Webinar: Mitochondrial Health and “Qi:” Botanical and Nutritional Agents for Mitochondrial Rescue

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We are seeing a revolution in our understanding of cell biology as we begin to recognize how important the mitochondria are for maintaining and restoring health and longevity. This webinar digs deeper into the [...]